Predictive farming for greater sustainability in animal breeding

As you know,188. Bet. Com涉及到很多很多的组件和我们的方法来育种计划之间的平衡也不例外。188金宝博网站登录亨德里克斯遗传学均衡育种计划旨在将蛋白质价值链的所有部分,包括消费者价值最大化。

Supporting Hendrix Genetics’ contributions to the United Nations’ (UN) 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 12. Responsible consumption and production, and SDG 17. Partnership for the goal; Hendrix Genetics initiated a data-driven based project four years ago. The project strives to set new standards for sustainable188 bet下载. By using data combined from various equipment controllers and the latest & greatest technology we can find solutions for product performance deficiencies and offer the most valuable solution for optimizing the total value chain. This initiative turns dreams into reality with introducing sustainable concepts of sculpting individual breeding and farm management programs specific to the demands of each location.


Hendrix Genetics has partnered with several leading suppliers to gather exceptional amounts of precise data from customers’ farm performance. This project began when the R&D team Swine began evaluating different technologies and partners to work with to bring new tools and applications to the Hypor breeding program. Due to the complexity in keeping the full supply chain in mind, this project underwent multiple initiation steps, for instance, definition of applications, definition of technologies, definition of partners, definition of business models, definition of Proof of Concepts (POCs), validations in our own breeding herd and today we are in the last exciting step of the first POCs defined, validation in commercial farms.

It starts with knowledge sharing



This project uses measurement and management of various macro and micro technologies to completely automate pig farming, increasing efficiency and profitability across the entire supply chain. From macros of climate, feed/water consumption, animal weights and growth curves, lighting and waste we have found micro technologies that can help identify and integrate performance solutions. Using micro technologies like digital identification, robotics and software integration we can gain powerful knowledge and truly maximize the full value of individual animals.

Predictive performance data

最后的POC是由多个提单ocks: from sensors, IT platforms, dynamic dashboards, to AI or statistical models and web or mobile apps. This innovation has the ability to predict the animal’s performance in advance, allowing customers to see how each animal is advancing towards their target, enabling adjustments made in real time. With this knowledge we can form a plan of action on what changes we can make to create the most value for entire herds or individual pigs.

More full value animals


Reducing waste

As research shows, mortality rates are a major issue for the livestock industry. As leaders in animal breeding, Hendrix Genetics wants to help lead the way to solve the waste in livestock production systems. Using knowledge gained and shared through this project can not only help us on a breeder level to provide clear answers and solutions to the challenges producers are facing in swine but also could also be applied towards other animal species. Increasing survivability for all species and reducing the impact on the environment with a reduction of wasted products and resources.

The opportunities for the innovative use of these technologies are truly endless and Hendrix Genetics is proud to be a part of the ground188 体育 世界杯有助于可持续养殖的标准。该项目有助于我们制定可持续育种标准的愿景。我们知道,这些可持续的解决方案是在地平线上,通过收集数据和资源的需要,同时最大限度地提高产品性能并为所有参与的好处,我们可以最大限度地减少能源浪费的产品。

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